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sigma chi to heritage By: Heritageback?   Last Post:

Is sigma chi moving into heritage between pike and delta...Read More

By: Heritageback?   Last Post:

Started: Jul 12, 2024 9:08:47 AM
Real ranks 2024 By: Reality   Last Post:

Zta Adpi Kd Dg Theta ddd Pi phi Axo Aphi Xo Phi mu Dz Kkg Sdt Gphi Aopi Agd...Read More

By: Reality   Last Post:

Started: Jul 11, 2024 4:31:08 PM
ADPI BUYING FOLLOWERS By: user123   Last Post:

adpi we see you buying followers on insta. just like...Read More

By: user123   Last Post:

Started: Jul 8, 2024 10:49:26 PM
Great things about each sorority By: Pan   Last Post:

Adpi: classy, high gpa Axo: chapter of the year winner multiple...Read More

By: Pan   Last Post:

Started: May 31, 2024 5:06:58 PM
srat ranks spring '24 By: uinai   Last Post:

Top Zta Kd Adpi Dg Mid Theta Tridelt Piphi Axo Aphi Xo Dz K kg Phi mu Base Sig delt Gphi AOPi/AGD...Read More

By: uinai   Last Post:

Started: Apr 15, 2024 9:03:04 PM
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Fall 2024 Sorority Ranks By: 2024   Last Post:

sectioning is kinda meh but order is accurate Upper/Upper Mid Kappa Delta...Read More

By: 2024   Last Post:

Started: Jun 24, 2024 9:30:08 AM
Audrey Carroll (Alpha Phi) Leaked Nudes Exposed By: Audrey Carroll   Last Post:

ibb.co/Bgy0gcK ibb.co/nryGj8G (Links to IMGbb, an image hosting website)...Read More

By: Audrey Carroll   Last Post:

Started: Jul 11, 2024 8:33:45 AM
2024 Real Sorority Ranks with Spring PC By: 2024   Last Post:

Top - ZTA ADPi KD Theta Upper- PiPhi APhi DZ DDD DG Mid- Phi Mu AXO XO KKG Lower mid- SDT GPhi AOPi Bottom- AGD...Read More

By: 2024   Last Post:

Started: Mar 2, 2024 8:10:18 AM
Tridelt ranking By: Curious   Last Post:

When did tridelt stop being top? They have great girls,...Read More

By: Curious   Last Post:

Started: Jul 3, 2024 2:58:10 PM
2024 real srat ranks. New year real ranks By: 2024   Last Post:

Zta Adpi Dg Kd Ddd Theta Piphi Aphi Axo Xo Phimu Dz Kkg Sdt Gphi Aopi Agd ...Read More

By: 2024   Last Post:

Started: Dec 20, 2023 7:15:56 PM
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