honest sorority ranking for fall 2022

by: fiu sororities

honest ranking of the sororities for fall 2022 recruitment ✨
1. axid - they won like everything last year, rly shows how strong their sisterhood is. most well-rounded. highest gpa in panhellenic. act like they’re better than everyone tho. fav frat: sigma chi
2. phi sig - prettiest group of girls on campus and popular with frats. lowest gpa in panhellenic lol. known for being rich and stuck up but new classes are changing this rep tbh. fav frat: beta
3. dphie - party girls !!! pretty and most popular with frats. pretty involved around campus too. they hook up w eachothers guys tho so do with that what u will lol. fav frat(s): beta and sammy
4. aoii - half weird half pretty girls so they’re super cliquey. “nice girl” rep. increasingly popular with frats and on the rise tho. fav frat: sammy
5. sigma kappa - also half weird half pretty girls but putting them below aoii bc they have less sorority relations. for this reason idk much about their involvements or sisterhood. fav frat: phi delt
6. phi mu - involved around campus and growing on the party scene. def on the rise. fav frat: zbt
7. axo - sweet girls with a good sisterhood. not many sorority & frat relations or involvements tho. fav frat: idk tbh

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#1  by: wow   

spot. on. good job! would also add that as aoii is on the rise, dphie has been going down and now has the half weird half cool thing too

By: wow

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