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Tea By: Deadass   Last Post:

so i just signed up for recruitment and which sorority...Read More

By: Deadass   Last Post:

Started: Jul 16, 2018 11:18:42 PM
Face the facts By: Yup   Last Post:

Greek life died after Fiji Pikapp and Tke got kicked...Read More

By: Yup   Last Post:

Started: Sep 18, 2018 8:07:50 PM
2019 Rankings By: Sean   Last Post:

Rankings for the top frats as of 2019 from highest...Read More

By: Sean   Last Post:

Started: Jan 6, 2019 5:08:41 PM
I will not stop By: Exposed   Last Post:

I heard that you can make a aopii squirt by...Read More

By: Exposed   Last Post:

Started: Jun 26, 2019 8:06:17 PM
No cap By: Exposed   Last Post:

I heard ZBT gives you a bid and then...Read More

By: Exposed   Last Post:

Started: Jun 26, 2019 8:05:08 PM
Just know By: Exposed   Last Post:

I heard dphie’s haze by cutting of your longest toe...Read More

By: Exposed   Last Post:

Started: Jun 26, 2019 8:02:46 PM
Rushing a sorority By: Hi   Last Post:

Hey everyone, So I kind of want to rush this semester...Read More

By: Hi   Last Post:

Started: Jan 14, 2019 8:09:18 AM
Step Up Please LMAO By: .   Last Post:

I think everyone got super discouraged after the Greek pause...Read More

By: .   Last Post:

Started: May 11, 2019 1:57:39 AM
Swooo wop By: Jon blow   Last Post:

I dropped by to see If anyone cared about this...Read More

By: Jon blow   Last Post:

Started: Jun 13, 2019 11:58:03 PM
Dropping By: dip   Last Post:

How do you drop if ur already initiated??...Read More

By: dip   Last Post:

Started: Feb 3, 2019 4:13:31 PM
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