which frat is the best between the 3 ?

by: Fratrush123

Beta theta pi,theta chi and sigep ?

Sigma chi is way too soft for me.

Theta chi were chill and nice to me.
Didn’t check SigEp. Is it hard to get a bid from them if you aren’t the athletic type ?

Posted By: Fratrush123
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Rush sig ep if you want nobody to respect you. Softest kids on campus

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Top tier: Sigma Chi (last actual frat on campus.. ex: partying, good looking/fun guys, but not involved at all with philanthropy or anything else for that matter)
Second tier: Sigep (tbh just copies whatever Sigma chi does as far as parties go. Heavily involved in philanthropy, average looking but fun to be around)
Lower tier: Phi delt (fun and nice guys, involved in philanthropy, throw the occasional party every now and then)

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by: yerrrSep 30, 2019 6:28:27 AM

pretty spot on ngl

By: yerrr
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Are you too soft to join a real fraternity and a nark? Sig ep may be the club for you!!!

By: yerr

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