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What are the rankings of all the sororities and fraternities at TSU?

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#1  by: :)   

Phi Mu and DZ

By: :)
#2  by: stop   

asking this stupid question. You will never get a legit answer. You can go read the reviews & there's a sprinkling of truth in all of them, but take them with a grain of salt. Go to TSU and find out for yourself the strengths of the groups.

By: stop
#3  by: Truth   

1. dz 2. Phi mu 3. Alpha gam 4. D phi e 5. Aopi frat: 1. KDR 2. Lamda chi 3. AGR 4.FH 5. Sigma chi 6. Delta chi

By: Truth
#4  by: Theonlyrealanswer   

The answers will vary based on who you ask. Rankings are also highly irrelevant. The most important thing is to go into recruitment with an open mind! I did, and I'm glad I did! If I had paid attention to the rankings, I would have missed out on some amazing opportunities!

By: Theonlyrealanswer

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