by: new girl

So I am coming to TSU in the fall and I am rushing and I was wondering what house I would probably go to. My grades are decent and I'm pretty (not to be conceded), and I'm super fun. Also which houses are "top house" and what are their reputations??

Posted By: new girl
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#1  by: OK please note...   

there is no way to know which chapter (we don't have houses) you will "probably go to" based on the limited info you gave & not knowing anything real about you. There is something for everyone in Tarleton Greek life & each chapter offers meaningful sisterhood. The difference is colors, symbols, creeds, ritual...maybe some more fashionable and social women in one or the other. But honestly, it's all about finding a smaller community within the larger Tarleton community & building relationships. Go through recruitment. Keep an open mind. Don't fall in love with any chapter until Pref night! Tell your friends to do the same. Also bleed purple!

By: OK please note...
#2  by: Nothowthisworks   

Welcome to TSU, and good luck/have fun with rushing. We don’t have houses here and while Greek life has a presence at Tarleton, it is not significant enough for any actual ranking to exist. Even at bigger schools with a significant number of students in Greek life, the “correct” ranking will really depend on the person. I would rank my chapter as one of the top ones, while someone in another sorority might put my chapter at the very bottom of their list. Keep an open mind throughout recruitment and remember that you will end up where you are meant to be, even if you think otherwise at the time of recruitment!

By: Nothowthisworks
by: new girlJun 1, 2019 9:00:25 PM

Ok but...what sorority are you in miss "top chapter"?

By: new girl
#3  by: Varies   

Which sorority you will "probably go to" is not something anyone on here can answer completely accurately. Just make sure you give EVERY sorority an equal chance, even if you dislike one at the time of recruitment. There is no "top" house or definitive ranking at TSU. Reputations are really not important.

By: Varies
#4  by: Ummm   

New Girl - you missed the point of Nothowthisworks' post. The point is not that she is "Miss Top Chapter." She wasn't saying her chapter was a top chapter. She was saying SHE would rank it that way, while someone else might not, and that's why it's important to keep an open mind during recruitment. It only matters to the individual what she thinks is top.

By: Ummm
#5  by: Boy   

If you’re hot, you’ll fit right into Delta Zeta. They are top house, everyone knows that. Also this is coming from a boy

By: Boy

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