Most Accurate Frat Rundown

by: Hwjshxblans

Posted this as a comment to someone else’s post and it got a lot of upvotes so I think it’s somewhat accurate. Feel free to comment if you disagree. Only trying to differentiate between the top four here really. These 4 frats all consistently have big parties, so the differences really just come down to the type of guys, which all of this is just generalizations by the way.

KapSig, Pike, SigEp, Delt

KapSig - huge mix of guys as they are the biggest frat, trouble with allegations this year, all types of guys in kapsig, more diversity than pike and sigep

Pike - most "fratty", biggest/most wild parties, have main house in Roxbury instead of Mission Hill, off-campus

SigEp - most athletic, more preppy northeast guys kind of similar to Pike

Delt - least "fratty" but most diverse group racially, different vibe of guys than other 3 and takes a lot of shade from guys sometimes, also had trouble with allegations this year

All 4 of the top frats have great parties. The only difference is the type of guys you would get along with.

Posted By: Hwjshxblans
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#1  by: ll   

honestly spot on

By: ll
#2  by: Yes   

This is it

By: Yes
#3  by: z   

sigep is going wayyyyy downhill after this semester

By: z
#4  by: $   

Well done

By: $

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