why is dke not on greekrank

by: huh

i was looking and they’re not in the frats, does anyone know why

Posted By: huh
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#1  by: :)   

They’re still relatively new, and I don’t think greek rank really stays up to date on frats

By: :)
#2  by: ?   

i think you can submit a request if you’re interested

By: ?
#3  by: X   

they're a colony I believe and not yet nationally recognizex

By: X
#4  by: jeez   

they're a colony. not yet nationally recognized.

By: jeez
#5  by: facts   

Not actually true, DKE became an official chapter in 2021, they’re recognized by their nationals. But yeah they were founded in 2019 so they’re super new and greek rank doesn’t always keep up.

By: facts

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