what do people actually think of fiji?

by: Thfn

Considering rushing them next semester but I feel like I’m getting biased info on both sides. Just want to know what the real deal is.

Posted By: Thfn
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#1  by: Unbiased   

Depends what you’re looking for in a fraternity. Definitely aren’t know for throwing the best parties at neu but are super involved on campus and have a relatively easy pledging process. I’d say that if you vibe with the guys you should go for it.

By: Unbiased
by: BOSTONOct 10, 2019 5:55:40 AM

Approach the FIJIs as you would any fraternity you’re rushing: be friendly, ask good questions (academics, volunteerism, social calendar), engage them in conversation—and see how you would fit in.
The word “vibe” is right...if you get a positive, inclusive feeling around them, they could be the right house for you.


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