10 Of The Snowiest US College Campuses This Winter

Kalee Murrin Greek Life

As the weather begins to get a little warmer and there's no snow in sight, it is easy to forget the treacherous winter conditions that many of us were dealing with on our campuses just a few short weeks ago. This winter was definitely one for the books, and some locations throughout the United States got hit with snow especially hard this season. Here is a list of ten campuses that experienced some of the snowiest 2014-2015 winter seasons.... Read more


10 Guys You Will Find At A College Bar

Cassie Greek Life

No matter where you go to school, there are the same different types of guys that you will find out at a college bar. Each one of these guys is different in their own very special way. I also included some insight from my own personal experiences on what you might expect from interactions with each of them. See if you can find them all during your next trip to a college bar. ... Read more


The All Star Pledge Class Lineup

David Greek Life

It’s time to reflect on the newest members that you decided should have the honor to be a part of your chapter. Maybe they seemed great at rush and maybe they still do, but there is always that slim chance you may have made a mistake or may be having second thoughts with regards to bidding some of them. Yet, for better or worse, these 9 men will shape your chapter for the next few years to come. In honor of baseball season starting next week and most pledging wrapping up, here is your All Star Pledge Class Lineup.... Read more


9 Types of College Drinkers

Alyssa Greek Life

You will come across many types of drinkers while in college – people who drink for different reasons and in different ways. Some people might be a certain type of drinker at the begining of the night and then morph into something completely different later in the night. Here’s my list of the 9 Types of College Drinkers -- which one are you?... Read more


5 Ways To Keep The Spring Break Spirit Alive

Grace Greek Life

The end of spring break always comes as a bit of a bummer; after a week of sun and friends, (or in my case, a week of ruefully perusing smiling, deeply tanned Instagram photos as you enjoy a not-so tropical vacay), chances are that first Monday back comes as an unpleasant shock. I for one am not ready to resign myself to a boring new semester.... Read more


How To Trap A Guy In 10 Ways

Tatianna Greek Life

Alllllll the single ladies: In honor of the art of manipulation, I have compiled a Cosmo-esque list of sure-fire ways to trap the guy you are “kind of seeing” and make him your official boyfriend and/or husband depending on how ambitious you are. You are welcome.... Read more


Unlike many of my college peers, I spent my spring break at home with my family. Here is a list of the progression of thoughts that went through my head while my friends were partying it up in PCB and I was home.... Read more


For those who are thinking about rushing fraternities in the near future, I applaud you. Joining Greek Life at your respective college/university can be one of the best decisions of your life. During rush, there will be this dreaded concept in the Greek Community called the “Tier System”. In the tier system, you will find 3 general types of tiers, and each of them has their own stereotypes.... Read more