Hey girl, First of all, I just wanted to say that you look great today. You know I love you to pieces. But I wanted to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind. You haven’t been yourself ever since we got our littles, and it’s a little frustrating. I know that you’re not thrilled because you didn’t get your first choice, but please understand: complaining about it won’t help.... Read more


Top 7 Spring Break Destinations

Alyssa Greek Life

March is here! For all of us college students, that means it is finally time for Spring Break! But where should we go? After researching the different party destinations for vacation, I have come up with the Top 7 Spring Break Destinations for university students!... Read more


Spring Break Survival Guide

Karaline Greek Life

After half a semester of work, you are ready to ditch the books and relax on the beach with a nice daiquiri. Spring break is one of the most discussed and anticipated events for any collegian. Whether it's a ski trip or PV you better make sure you do it right. I hope everyone out there has the best spring break of their life. Here are some tips to get you through the week.... Read more


7 Foolproof Ways To Get On Your RA’s Good Side

Penny Greek Life

At some point in college you probably will have to deal with a Resident Advisor. Most universities strongly encourage freshman to live on campus for at least their first semester so they can really get a feel for campus. There are horror stories about residents who feel like the RA is out to get them as well as stories where the RA has saved a resident’s life.  These are 7 foolproof ways to get along with your RA from an RA who has been on both sides.... Read more


14 Sororities Everyone Should Know

Oscar Greek Life

Ethnic-based Greek-lettered organizations are an underestimated force usually left in the shadows of their bigger, predominantly white counterparts. They range from social, academic, cultural-emphasis, and service type organizations, much like the better known IFC and Pan-Hell orgs.... Read more


Schools With The Most Alpha Chapters

Sean Greek Life

Think your university has strong Greek roots that go way back? The first collegiate social Greek organizations in North America were established in the first half of the 19th century. A few schools proudly proclaim they are the “Mother of Greek Life” or the “Mother of Fraternities”.  We have assembled a list of universities that can boast the greatest number of fraternities and sororities established on their campuses.... Read more


Gotta’ Gotta’ Go Aphi

Vanessa Greek Life

So you decided to rush Alpha Phi, now what? The speed rounds of trying to memorize the current members names, make your best impression, and at the same time find a place to feel comfortable are all over. Now that you are a member, what can you expect? I spoke to newest pledge class and the recruitment team of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi to get an insider view on what being a member is all about.... Read more


Earlier this week you may have heard that the Sigma Chi chapter at Southern Methodist University has been reportedly suspended indefinitely. The incident is gaining national media attention over the last couple days fueled by the fact the storyline has similarities to the recent Seth Rogen movie Neighbors.... Read more