If Every School In The SEC Was A Shot

Khadija Dukes Greek Life

The SEC is a football power conference. The fans love their schools and know how to celebrate a hard fought victory. This got me wondering...what if every school in the SEC was a shot? What type of shot would each school be? Being a SEC girl myself, I've done my research and put together the following pairings.... Read more


Top 5 Signs You Did Spring Break Right

Ian Greek Life

So if you are like me, you have pretty much had enough of winter and are counting down the days until your spring break trip. If you go to school in California or Florida, I would pay big money to see you walk to class in three feet of snow everyday for a month. Anyways, spring break is hands down one of the best weeks of the year for any college student. It’s a worry-free week to achieve new levels of greatness, stupidity, and regret. So here are the top 5 signs you did spring break right this year.... Read more


Thoughts Everyone Has While Snapchatting

Kendall Greek Life

Whether it’s trying to sneak a selfie during class or capture your friends doing something embarrassing, Becoming one of the most widely utilized social media applications out there, Snapchat has turned into a lifeline for us to stay in constant contact with friends. From viewing countless snap stories to stalking other peoples Snapchat best friends list our generation’s obsession with using this app to communicate... Read more


Chapter Spotlight: The PIKE Dynasty At FSU

Kevin Greek Life

While there are hundreds of Pi Kappa Alpha chapters across the nation, there is one that year after year seems to stand above the rest. Some chapters tend to be more focused on specific areas such as academics, social Involvement, philanthropy, or athletics. The PIKE chapter at Florida State University consistently excels in all of these categories... Read more


15 Moments When You Were Glad You Joined a Sorority

Khadija Dukes Greek Life

When you are going through the recruitment process or look back on your days as a little, you may wonder if it was all worth it, but it is these 15 moments that make you glad you joined a sorority.... Read more


10 Chapters Everyone Wants To Be In - By The Numbers

Megan Verhoeff Greek Life

Across this great nation of ours one will find a lot of great chapters full of women who exemplify the high standards set upon them by the creeds of their sororities. Every campus has a few chapters, although, that most every girl during rush wants to get a bid from. These are the chapters with girls who will set the standards for Greeklife at their universities. Here's a list of 10 of these such chapters...including some numbers supporting why they made the list.... Read more


Stages Of The Semester

Cassie Greek Life

The new semester is underway and every college student goes through a cycle that starts at the beginning of the semester. You finally come back from a nice long and relaxing break where you feel completely refreshed and ready to start your classes. Everyone understands that moment where you give yourself a pep talk that you are going to try really hard in school and stay focused. Unfortunately most college students have realized that parties, booze, sleeping, and friends slowly become the priority before school. These are the stages that every student goes through when starting off the semester.... Read more


A 1980’s Sorority Girl Compares Then And Now

Karaline Greek Life

Everyone knows what it is like to hear your parents reminisce about their college days. If your parents are anything like mine, you know they actually had some wild nights and crazy stories from “back in the day.” After comparing notes about parties, music and style with my parents, I turned to my mom to hear about her sorority days. Here are 4 differences and 4 similarities between sorority girls of the 80’s and us today.... Read more