What Sorority Has The Best Colors?

Cherry Pie
 Cherry Pie

There at 26 Panhellenic sorority members. Each of them have an official unique color or color combination. After asking myself “which sorority has the best colors”, I realized that these preferences would be very subjective. No surprise there. Yet, what I was able to do is list the first thing that comes to mind when I look at a sororities colors.

ALPHA CHI OMEGA - scarlet red and olive green

ALPHA DELTA PI - azure blue and white
The blue sky ALPHA GAMMA DELTA - red, buff, and green
ALPHA OMICRON PI - cardinal red
The bird ALPHA PHI - silver and Bordeaux
Wine ALPHA XI DELTA -    Light Blue, Navy Blue, Gold
Royal weddings CHI OMEGA - cardinal red and straw yellow
Ketchup and mustard DELTA DELTA DELTA - silver, gold and cerulean blue
A swimming pool DELTA GAMMA - bronze, pink, and blue
The 80s  
DELTA ZETA - rose and green
A rose  
GAMMA PHI BETA - brown and mode
A box of chocolates KAPPA ALPHA THETA - black and gold
Bumblebee KAPPA DELTA - olive green and pearl white
White flowers  
KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA -     Dark Blue and Light Blue
The arctic PHI MU - rose and white
Cherry pie with ice cream on top PI BETA PHI - Wine and silver blue
Berries SIGMA KAPPA - lavender and maroons
Psychedelic rug
SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA - royal purple and pure white
Prince ZETA TAU ALPHA - Turquoise Blue and steel gray
A Siberian husky



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