Visa Visa Mastercard: What Am I Paying For?

WSU Alpha Phis And UT ZTAs
 WSU Alpha Phis And UT ZTAs

Price for membership varies across every chapter on every campus. Let us take a look at the price differences of sororities at The University of Tennessee and Washington State University. A live-in member at UT pays on average $9,400 a year versus a WAZZU live in spending nearly $7,700. Live-outs (those not living in the chapter house) pay on average about $2,400 at UT and just over $1,500 at WAZZU. Those are some hefty price tags, so the question is, what do those dues really cover?

1. Initiation Fees  
2.Chapter Operations
3. Events
4. PHC/ IFC Dues
5. Membership Fees
6. Housing Fees
7. Facility Usage Fees

In other words, you pay for the privilege, and depending on the school you attend, you are paying a hefty price for it. Please keep in mind that every chapter in the country has different due amounts for different reasons, but these are some of the most common items dues will cover.

Initiation Fees:

You didn’t think you would be getting that pin for nothing did you? You sat through hours of the member education process for that final ceremony when you finally become an active member. Also, you can bet that pin costs you at least $40.00. However, the more get involved, the more upgrades you can get for your pin. For example, if you become chapter president, you’ll end up spending the extra money to get the presidential add-on.

Chapter Operations:

These include anything that requires money for your chapter to be involved on campus. Your dues fund budgets for every executive council. That Fall PR shirt you thought you got for free because the “budget” paid for it? Wrong, your dues go into that budget and that is how you paid for that shirt.


The socials, sisterhoods, philanthropy events, and house dances are all part of your dues. I bet your parents didn’t realize that their money was going to your chapter being able to have a house dance at the local golf club with an open bar and dinner provided? Well, at least it also paid for the yellow school bus to take you to and from the event safely.


These are the mandatory events that your chapter requires you to participate in annually. The “Greek Wide” lectures, recruitment costs, and any other “all Greek” event. This is usually a small fee, but again, it depends on the size of the Greek Community.

Membership Fees:

More than likely, this is the only fee you thought you would have if you weren’t living in the chapter house. These membership fees include your right to be an active member of the chapter for the current term.

Housing Fees:

This is the fee that covers all room and board. Specifically, this covers the house mortgage, services such as a cook and cleaning service, house director salary, maintenance, utilities and any taxes.

Facility Usage Fee:

This is the cost of usage and food service used by those members who do not live in the chapter house.



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