Actual 2022 rankings

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The real real of rankings at state


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#1  by: Real people   

Take ADPi and switch with Zeta. Both have had great rushes the last couple of years. Zeta has a strong alumni that has been around a long time. ADPi just isn’t there yet.

By: Real people
by: @real peopleNov 22, 2022 2:00:43 PM

Zeta had 2 good pledge classes a few years ago but these last 2 years have been badddd. Their freshmen girls got the entire house dropped from all the frat group chats.
No way are they above ADP or on the same line as DDD. It's time for them to regroup.

By: @real people
by: NopeNov 25, 2022 11:23:45 AM

No one on campus respects zeta, not the fraternities or sororities. We all know what they are and it hurts ALL of greek life. Do better zeta

By: Nope
#2  by: fs   

Finally an accurate rank

By: fs
#3  by: no   

By the way zeta freshman wasn't the reason behind them getting "dropped" from all frat group chats. They have to sign a social contract every year and it is listed that they can't be in a group chat with a frat.

By: no
by: TrueJan 9, 2023 8:35:58 AM


By: True
#4  by: bruh   

yea chi o’s def on top, of the food chain

By: bruh
#5  by: Stop adpi   

This makes adpi look so desperate. Adpi is no where near mid. Do you require your members to live on Greek rank?

By: Stop adpi
by: @stopJan 31, 2023 9:04:36 PM

Funny how you have deleted half of the comments on this thread, including my reply to you earlier from today.

Please stop trying to deflect from the real reason why Zeta was banned from being in any of the fraternity group chats. A bunch of freshmen zetas posted nudes in the KA group chat so the zeta execs had to tell EVERY zeta that they can no longer be in any fraternity group chat.

Sad that you feel the need to put down a sorority who is doing much better than yours to try to deflect zeta problems! I don't think adpi is on here at all and that is why you are targeting them. The rest of the houses WANT zeta to do better and get stronger - it helps all houses. Admit your mistakes and learn from them. Maybe then zeta can get back on track.

By: @stop
by: @zetaFeb 1, 2023 1:03:52 AM

@zeta ur comment hurts u more than it helps. Ngl ur srat is not only trashy but looking desperate now too

By: @zeta

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