KD deleted post a 2nd time

by: KD

KD dues are going to good use by continuing to remove posts that shed light on their toxic behavior.

KD mocked and sh%$ talked girls before their first watermelon fest volleyball game then every single house cheered when they lost in the first game to tri delt.

Tri delt and adpi went on to play in the championship game where tri delt edged out adpi for the win.

It was a great watermelon fest competition for all the houses except the bullies of kappa delta!!!!

Posted By: KD
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#1  by: ha   


By: ha
#2  by: Ummmm   

All accurate except adpi won not tri delt. It was a great event for the Greek community. Lots of fun!

By: Ummmm
by: KindaSep 29, 2022 9:10:24 PM

ADPi won overall, Tri delt won the volleyball championship

By: Kinda
by: mixed upSep 30, 2022 3:06:44 PM

DDD won the volleyball championship game. I think you are referring to ADPi winning watermelon fest overall.

By: mixed up
#3  by: Rhett   

KD better watch it…. They are running out of funds after their money was embezzled.

By: Rhett

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