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by: Rachel

I think it’s easier to tell what fraternities dominate depending on how many rivals they have that are up to snuff with them

For example, the biggest fued would probably be sae/ka/pike, because they’re neighbors and up until recently they were all the same size. Now i think it’s like SAE -160, Pike -140, and KA only has about 90.

Sigma chi vs. Kappa Sig
Sigma Chi vs. SAE
Kappa Sig vs. KA
Pike vs. Kappa Sig
Pike vs. KA
SAE vs. Pike
SAE vs. Fiji
Fiji vs. Lambda
Lambda vs. KA
Lambda vs. Phi Delt
Lambda vs. Pi Kapp
Pi Kapp vs. Phi Delt
Pi Kapp vs. Sig Ep
Sig Ep. vs. Delta Chi
Sig Ep. vs. Phi Tau
Phi Tau vs. Sigma Nu
Sigma Nu vs. AGR
Sigma Nu vs. ATO
ATO vs. Phi Tau
AGR vs. Farmhouse

Hope I didn’t stir the pot. Hehe, this seems to be the hatred between chapters which also hints at relevance

Posted By: Rachel
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#1  by: /\^   

Could have been simplified as just all the top chapters hate sae and all the mid chapters hate Fiji.

By: /\^
#2  by: Ffxjkjfsxb   

Or just say that y’all are thinking too much about this. The guys at State don’t put that much thought into it.

By: Ffxjkjfsxb

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