Fall 2021 ranks for real

by: Pan

Chi O
Phi mu/zta
Pi phi
Axo (just because they are new)

Posted By: Pan
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#1  by: Reality    

Chi o
Delta Gamma
DDD, ADPi , ZTA, Phi Mu- all the same tier
Pi Phi/Alpha Chi

By: Reality
by: MehJul 29, 2021 2:53:06 PM

Pretty accurate I would say. Maybe not phi mu on the same tier as ddd/zta/and adpi. I would put phi mu a tier above them. But other than that year this is right

By: Meh
#2  by: Yah   

These are right

By: Yah
by: OkJul 29, 2021 6:51:02 PM

Ok so 1) you must be a zta and 2) what are you on the think that ZTA is that high?

By: Ok
#3  by: lol   

Not ZTA thinking they are 3 spots above what they actually are...

By: lol
#4  by: Ok   

How it should go:
Chi o
KD/Phi Mu
Pi phi

By: Ok
#5  by: WTF   

you must be insane to say zeta tau alpha 2 tiers above what it actually is.. literally zta is what girls go who get dropped from everything and dont want adpi on bid day

by: What stop Aug 3, 2021 8:59:12 AM

You’re delusional if you think ADPi is on the same level as phi mu, zeta or even DDD. Zeta is right behind phi mu (almost even) and then DDD, then ADPi is below pi phi. ADPi, y’all really need to get off of this site

By: What stop
#6  by: ooook    

adpi is bottom before axo that’s not changed since they finally got a house

By: ooook
by: Be informed Jul 30, 2021 6:19:22 PM

From a top house member opinion , obviously you haven’t been paying attention to their involvement on campus. As the newest sorority on the row before Alpha Chi , ADPi is doing extremely well. There are houses on this campuses that have been here a long time and aren’t doing as well as ADPi. I just don’t get why we can’t support the new chapters. It only makes us a better Greek system.

By: Be informed
by: LolJul 30, 2021 9:31:54 PM

What are you smoking?

By: Lol
#7  by: Accurate   

Pretty accurate ranks after this past year. Phi Mu and Zta might not be equal but the gap is smaller than it used to be between top 4 and lower 4

By: Accurate
#8  by: Haha   

Ok, Chi O, we see you!! You live on this site. NO ONE that actually goes to State would rank you No. 1. Moms, yes. Students, no.

By: Haha

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