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Why is Phi Mu so much more expensive than the other houses? I know it’s similar during the new member period, but after that it’s more expensive than the next highest house by over $1000 even for non resident sisters!! How come? 🤯

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#1  by: Well   

Somebody has to pay for that new house....

By: Well
#2  by: Nickie    

It’s the same as KD basically so I’ll not sure where your info has come from.

By: Nickie
#3  by: Meagan   

Who is paying for tri Delta and kd’s new houses? I’ll bet their dues are similar to Phi Mu!

By: Meagan
#4  by: MSU   

No offense but your math is off. If you look at the spreadsheet on Panhellenic's website each sorority's dues/fees are listed. For a new member fall semester dues/fees would be close to the following. This doesn't include formal fees which a few sororities add on and required fundraisers (like DG's cheesecake sale).

Fall semester
ADPi - $3,113
Chi O - $2,898
Phi Mu - $2,801
KD - $2,487
Pi Phi - $2,434
Tri Delt - $2,412
ZTA - $2,285
DG - $2,226.50

by: duesNov 16, 2017 2:04:07 PM

your math is way off. panhellenic's website lists all new member dues for JUST the fall semester as the following:
adpi: $2525
chi o: $2883
tri delt: $2362
dg: $1858
kd: $2487
phi mu: $2653
pi phi: $2434
zeta: $1907

tshirts and initiation fees and everything else aren't that much.

By: dues
#5  by: OP   

On the Panhellenic site it states that for members that are non-resident, Phi Mu is $5038 annually, whereas the next highest for non-resident members is ADPi at $4428. For residents Chi O and Tri Delta are way higher but I wouldn't want live in so was just curious. Sorry should have specified!

By: OP

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