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1. Chi O
2. AXO
4. ZTA
5. KD

Posted By: Ya
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You may wanna bump ZTA to 2nd bc AOPI & AXO isn’t even on pan exec... clearly aopi is going down hill & zta is finally rising

By: Sally
by: JabDec 20, 2018 1:17:44 AM

Have several seats, Zeta. You've never been top tier and you never will be.

By: Jab
by: LOLMay 6, 2019 8:18:13 PM

Nobody. Cares. Who's. On. Pan. Exec.

Get over it, Zeta. You're just not top tier material.

#2  by:    

Sally ur a Zeta

By: Sally ur a Zeta
by: LOLDec 1, 2018 11:22:50 AM

SaLLy uR a ZeTa 🥴

#3  by:    

Zeta is so petty lmao. Trying wayyyyyyyy too hard.

By: RT
#4  by:    

Yes except 1) Chi O 2) ADPI (people hate but oh well) thennn the rest as written

By: Yes
by: nonJan 4, 2019 6:14:54 PM

no adpi. your day is over.

By: non
#5  by:    

Perfect! However I’d personally put AOII second. To each their own! Otherwise spot on!

By: Pretty fair
#6  by:    

Best rank right now

By: Thank uuu
#7  by:    

True except: 1)AOII 2) Chi O or AXO (interchangeable for different reasons) 3) ADPi (not lower! Not higher! UNLESS you are joining just to have mostly pretty pageant looking sisters then I guess they are more valuable?) 4) ZTA & KD (interchangeable for different reasons) This list is based on what most have heard about who gets what / how much out of each sisterhood. KD could technically be higher than ZTA if looks were totally pressed aside. But... girls don’t judge based on who you think will look best on your Instagram. That kind of “bond” isn’t based on sisterhood.

By: True except
by: haApr 23, 2019 1:31:10 AM

uh adpi's are rude and not Panhellenic; therefore, are last.

By: ha
by: whatMay 13, 2019 5:38:16 PM

Excuse me, ha, but adpi is not only Panhellenic, but is the FIRST sorority to be so having been founded in 1851.

By: what
by: byeMay 16, 2019 11:29:10 PM

nobody cares that y'all were the first sorority, its the crappy way that y'all treat the rest of Panhellenic that really matters

By: bye
#8  by:    

1. AOPi
2. AXO
3. XO
4. ADPi
5. KD
6. ZTA

AOPi's got the numbers and the awards. They crush recruitment every fall because they are consistently a favorite with PNMs. AXO won the CPH cup this year and excels in programming and involvement. XO has moved down some, but is still very strong. ADPi is middle tier at best, but they still have some good qualities and would probably go back to third if they didn't talk down other sororities. KD has definitely earned the number 5 spot because they finally have the numbers to be a presence on campus and have THE biggest philanthropy event at MTSU consistently. They have traded places with Zeta, whose numbers are dangerously down to the point of needing attention from nationals, a low GPA, and a bad reputation they just can't seem to shake. Maybe that's something they can work on over the summer. I hope so. I would love to see ALL of MTSU's sororities achieve total so we can bring the expansion discussion back to the table and bring another sorority to MTSU. This campus is too big to only have six!

By: tk
#9  by:    

These rankings are absolutely wrong!
3) Chi-o
4) ZTA
5) Alpha Chi
6) KD

By: Greek Guy
by: tajJul 31, 2019 2:33:12 PM

You are so wrong! ROFL!

By: taj
by: WhatAug 1, 2019 11:56:12 AM

This person really is just mad lol

By: What
by: YeahAug 13, 2019 10:10:39 PM

Yeah this has to be a ZTA. Only group to rate ZTA above 6 or 5 is ZTA. KD is easily as good as ZTA btw

By: Yeah
#10  by:    

Based off of winnings / desirability / sisterhood / programming

1) AOII (has been #1 since most can remember, truly. Nice girls with consistently top grades, super involved)
2) AXO (one of the only chapters that has risen significantly in the past few years, won President’s Cup, close sisterhood)
3) Chi O (as good as AXO, just needs to get more involved again and will be move past AXO if done. Has always had tight knit groups and good sisterhood)
4) ADPi (has been up high for a while because of desirability, but a little less Panhellenic and possibly a little less tight knit than the three above, still a prestigious chapter)
5) KD (has always been a solid sisterhood with one of the biggest philanthropy events every year, rooting for these girls to keep moving up... truly great girls who are welcoming to everyone. Which is the type of thing you want in college)
6) Zeta (despite being represented through pan exec president, is mostly absent in awards, involvement, and grades. Lots of potential, however)

Honestly every sorority has so much to offer, however. Open minds takes you to where you’re happiest!

By: More accurate

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