Actual Sorority Rankings 2024 From a Guy

by: miz

Tier of their own: Tri Delt, GPhi

Not the other 2, but still top: APhi, DG, Pi Phi

Very solid: Chi O, Kappa, ZTA

Solid: ADPi

None of the rest matter tbh. Not based on looks or anything like that just based on relevance and having cool people involved in socially in the community

Posted By: miz
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#1  by: bruh   

this is quite literally just based on looks. if it was really based on involved people then it would be have piphi and theta

By: bruh
#2  by: Wow   

If you have to put you are guy, you certainly are not a guy but a lowly Gphi grasping at staying relevant. How's it feel that PhiMu is ranked higher than you?

By: Wow
#3  by: Nice try   

zhere's a hint, whether you are truly a guy or just a desperate woman who lives for attention from guys, this post is pathetic. No one cares what a bunch of pimply drunks think about sororities at Mizzou.

By: Nice try
by: LoveFeb 26, 2024 9:08:56 PM

Absolutely fact!

By: Love
#4  by: Panhell   

Where is Theta? Would be with PiPhi in top tier group. Kappa is pissed ! 😫😩

By: Panhell

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