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Fall Ranks By: '19   Last Post:

Top: Delt, Beta, ATO, Theta Chi, Fiji Upper Mid: Delt Sig,...Read More

By: '19   Last Post:

Started: Sep 19, 2019 10:32:08 PM
Wonder why it is By: Confused   Last Post:

Why is it that some houses are constantly COBing and...Read More

By: Confused   Last Post:

Started: Sep 18, 2019 2:44:04 PM
Who Will Do Something? By: Wonder   Last Post:

We have a situation where many outstanding women don't get...Read More

By: Wonder   Last Post:

Started: Sep 14, 2019 3:09:58 PM
cob and spring trends By: Athenaaa!!   Last Post:

looking at past sorority scorecards the trends show that more...Read More

By: Athenaaa!!   Last Post:

Started: Sep 17, 2019 12:36:14 AM
SAE? Who’s in that house now By: IFC   Last Post:

Who’s in the SAE house? Or is it vacant ?...Read More

By: IFC   Last Post:

Started: Sep 9, 2019 2:04:54 PM
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Senior retention is at low By: Y tho   Last Post:

Is it me or has a ridiculous amount of girls...Read More

By: Y tho   Last Post:

Started: Sep 16, 2019 12:51:37 AM
houses that are most alike one another By: alike   Last Post:

chi o/adpi tri delt/gphi aphi/zeta/dg kd/sk axo/theta pi phi/kappa phi mu/tri sig thoughts?...Read More

By: alike   Last Post:

Started: Sep 15, 2019 5:34:02 PM
Fall 2019 sorority ranking By: Accurate   Last Post:

Pi phi Chi o Theta G phi Adpi Tri delt Zeta Kappa A phi Axo Dg Phi mu Sk Sigma...Read More

By: Accurate   Last Post:

Started: Sep 4, 2019 8:51:41 PM
Continuous bidding By: Athena   Last Post:

Seems like lots of incredible girls are without a house...Read More

By: Athena   Last Post:

Started: Aug 16, 2019 2:38:08 PM
So, what did you think? By: Inquiring Minds   Last Post:

Was recruitment what you expected? Traumatizing? Exhausting? Heart-breaking? Thrilling? Exhilarating?...Read More

By: Inquiring Minds   Last Post:

Started: Aug 28, 2019 12:33:51 AM
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