Sig Ep being kicked?

by: Curious

Does anyone know if Sig Ep is actually being kicked? I heard some rumors going around and apparently they have a pretty serious conduct case going on. Something about racism/discrimination. If anyone has heard anything else comment on this

Posted By: Curious
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#1  by: Brother   

LMAO this cap. All the sig ep racism stuff on here is straight cap. I’m a brother and none of this has happened. Don’t believe anything u see on Greek rank

By: Brother
#2  by: TimmyTruthTeller   

Unfortunately the rumour are true :(. I am a former brother and they made me stick my toes through a "toe hole" every night where they would then be suckled, carressed, and rubbed for several hours before I was allowed to go to bed. During this difficult time I would be harrassed and forced to watch Birth of a Nation on repeat as a "learning exercise". Smh those sig ep boys really did a number on my mental well-being.

By: TimmyTruthTeller
#3  by: BMP   

SigEp effectively uses year-round recruitment strategies to recruit the most talented, values-aligned students to our chapter. Every SigEp member understands and is so excited by the life-changing opportunities afforded through the pledge-free, substance-free, app-based Balanced Man Program that they remain in our chapter through graduation and give back as a Balanced Man volunteer an alumni. SigEp is made successful by a diverse group of volunteers, empowered to support our healthy, alcohol-free chapter experience and mentor undergraduates. Our SigEp Learning Community is unquestionably not just the best fraternity but the best student organization on campus.

by: LOLOct 21, 2021 12:11:51 AM

Well obviously your BMP didn't work on this chapter. RIP Sig Ep.

#4  by: Ok   

What did they do now????

By: Ok
by: 4Oct 22, 2021 7:38:46 PM

Done you momma

By: 4
#5  by: N   


By: N
#6  by: Nc   

No one would notice if they got kicked off.

By: Nc
#7  by: 10   

They're done and dead. Sig Ep nationals is on jihad against alcohol and fun and anything "frat"

By: 10
#8  by: BMS   

SigEp tends to attract the kind of student who wants more than a drinking club out of his Greek Letter Organization. Students go to college to develop personally and professionally. Some other fraternities have cultures that put brothers in environments that harm rather than help those goals. But SigEp's substance-free membership experience provides a very conducive environment for doing what students go to college to do.


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