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Pi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter comments at University of West Georgia - UWGA

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#1  by: Greek master   

haha these guys are a joke. There famous line...come over ladies we will give you free alcohol! FREAKIN DOUCHE BAGS!

By: Greek master
#2  by: Nick Stotter   

I will admit we suck and our VP is black

By: Nick Stotter
#3  by: ok   

and he will do a better job at vp then u ever did

By: ok
#4  by: its 2012 not 1960's   

hands down best frat on campus and who gives cares if the VP is black everything seems to be running smoothly, sorry ppl dont like you . youre just mad. RUSH PI KAPP

By: its 2012 not 1960's

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