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Hey guys,
Does Chi O haze because I'm interested in rushing next semester?? Please be honest.

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uwg is a non-hazing university and they have a strict no tolerence hazing rule

By: student
by: ...Jul 10, 2019 7:34:59 PM

Blind eye to hazing is different from no tolerance to hazing. If they had zero tolerance, no one would be living in the frat village and there would be no Snu or ChiPhi

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#2  by: 2   

Not at all

By: 2
#3  by: noway   

there is literally no way Chi O would haze. They are way too nice to their New Members. I doubt any organization hazes at all anymore.

By: noway
#4  by: Students   

Not a chance. If you wanna be hazed join KD or Phi Mu to be asked to lose a few pounds. I’ve met a few chi o’s and they are sweet girls. I’ve heard they are hella strict on grades and nationals too.. wouldn’t expect to be hazed from them or girls like Sigma Kappa. All sweet girls

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by: HmmmJul 21, 2019 11:00:10 AM

I haven’t heard much about kappa delta hazing. I just know they have a strict dress policy BUT you must not know your facts because sigma kappa hazes and they’ve tried to control it by kicking girls out who start the hazing but it continues. Phi mu does not ask girls to drop a few pounds but their haze isn’t too bad. Chi o doesn’t haze but they are big on grades like said previously.

By: Hmmm

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