after rush. ranks.

by: Nah

In order.


Chi phi just blanket bids but end up gettig solid guys. SN gets some solid guys. KS gets some solid guys. All are clearly the best.


KA pulls and are solid guys. Pike just blanket bids some guys and act like fools but are much better than sigma chach and TKE. SX and TKE are interchangable but both look to be getting competition from PhiDelt.


PhiDelt is the best of the group and growing. ASP is next because they arent as new as the others. SAE is new and small. ATO is underground.

Posted By: Nah
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#1  by: wtf   

1st off, no other school rates frats so youre clearly the same person that has posted the last 29 rankings. 2nd, youre clearly a KA because nobody in their right mind at this school would put yall that high. and third there are no "tiers", this is a d2 school.

By: wtf
by: WowOct 11, 2017 5:29:21 PM

Sorry Pike.


By: Wow
by: smhOct 16, 2017 2:40:55 PM

I'm not even Greek at this school and I can tell you with 100% certainty that KA is not better than pike. This shouldn't even need to be said. it's not even like KA is bad or anything, y'all just have a smaller house and less guys.

By: smh
#2  by: Truth   

KA hangs with better sororities while Pike struggles to maintain 2 to 1 guy to girl ratio.. you tell me whih youd want more? Pikes sausage fest or KAs better ratio?

Not to mention pike just blanket bids a bunch of weird guys, half the bids they handout dont get accepted. Its not even close.

By: Truth
by: What Oct 29, 2017 12:02:05 PM

KA has like 5 members. Can you even fit any girls in your tiny chapter room?

By: What
by: WowOct 29, 2017 3:42:00 PM

Seriously man if you have to try this hard to convince everyone you're in a good fraternity.... you can say all you want on this site but everyone knows the real "ranks"

By: Wow
#3  by: Hmmm   

PKA is calling KA out for self ranking...

When theyre doing the same thing...

PKA and KA run greek rank here...

By: Hmmm
#4  by: Pike is bad..   

Lets be honest, pike is a joke all acrossed GA and this chapter is no dofferent.

By: Pike is bad..
by: Pie GalMar 15, 2019 10:46:21 PM

“Acrossed”? Are you a red neck? Haha nice.....

By: Pie Gal
#5  by: Yeah   

Pike needs to chill, but id still have them on KAs level if not a little higher.

By: Yeah
#6  by: No   

Pike over KA now other than that this is a decent list.

By: No
#7  by: Phi Alpha!   

SAE is coming up strong! We should have 25 guys by end of semester. Georgia Tau, Baby!

By: Phi Alpha!
by: What?Sep 12, 2018 3:10:29 PM

Who even are you people go away

By: What?
#8  by: What?   

Why is chi phi always at the top? They’re full of childish guys and their house smells awful and looks terrible inside

By: What?
#9  by: @What?   

@What? - You're not wrong, but who else would you put on top? Kappa Sig pulled hard this year, but I wouldn't say that changes the overall #1 dynamic.

By: @What?
#10  by: yup   


By: yup

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