shep rose of southern charm: which frat?

by: SouthernBelle

What frat was Shep Rose in at UGA? Legit? What kind of guys? Big parties? Stereotypes? Thanks-

Posted By: SouthernBelle
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#1  by: Horace   

What>No love for Shep?

By: Horace
#2  by: bump   


By: bump
#3  by: Dante   

Is AEPi a cool house at UGa?

By: Dante
#4  by: Yep   

Shep was a Chi Phi would love to see his composite pic if someone could find it

By: Yep
#5  by: SherminatorUGA   

Is that considered old row?

By: SherminatorUGA
by: ...Jan 3, 2018 7:40:37 PM

No...Chi Phi is Douche Row.

By: ...
#6  by: Shep   

Chi phi is definitely an old money frat, unless things have changed rapidly in the past ten years

By: Shep
#7  by: frat   

chi phi- he even tweeted about being stoned in his composite pic.. would be funny to find it

By: frat
#8  by: dud    

second on campus so ya they are

By: dud

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