Are the rumors true?

by: Old Man Farley

I've since transferred from WU, place was an absolute s-hole. Greek life was nearly the same, but it was mainly to blame on the uni. However, I heard many rumors during my time, such as:

We all know who Harry $ is, and what he's accused of. He has a very punchable face.

The phi delta at my school hazes hard, and after meeting some of them from wu, they definitely do the same. Hopefully they aren't spanking them!

Sig ep is their nationals spitting image. Auto bid

Kappa sig is the same. You can pay dues? Welcome to kappa sig!

Posted By: Old Man Farley
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#1  by: KAO   

Basically. Sig ep has some very awkward guys, but a strong brotherhood. Kappa sig has cool guys but the brotherhood is mediocre. Phi delt doesn’t interact with many, but probably because they could care less. Alpha delta, well, there isn’t much to say


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