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by: 2022

I’m an incoming freshman, and I was just wondering if greek life is even worth joining at ULM? From these post and news reports, one of the top fraternity’s on campus was kicked off, and there is only 4 to begin with. Also, greek life at ULM just doesn’t seem to be as popular and as fun as other schools.

Posted By: 2022
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#1  by: Rush!   

Greek life is having a rough patch right now but I promise you it’s worth it. I had considered dropping because of the reputation ULM was gaining for their Greeks but knowing all the plans that are being put to action has changed my mind. It’s not as popular as in other schools, but if you’re already looking into ULM I think it shouldn’t matter about other schools. Personally I’m glad I decided to stick with it, but that’s just my biased opinion

By: Rush!
#2  by: Honest   

You should definitely do it! The media has made Greek life here at ULM to sound awful. Sure we’ve gone through a rough patch but ULM is so small it’s a great way to get out and meet people. I guanretee if I had not gone Greek my college years wouldn’t be nearly as memorable as they have been!

By: Honest

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