Destruction of Greek Life at LSU

by: f!ck yea

I never thought I would see the day when Greek Life at LSU becomes so controlled and limited. It is horrifying and makes a crucial part of LSU become no more. All cause of liberal minded and valued people. We all can live in harmony, but you guys are the ones that try to control everything. Control does not work as it makes people more motivated to do what is considered "illegal" or against the law. This is not the solution. We will restore Greek Life at LSU to it's former glory and make it better than ever. There will be no disruption to those who oppose it. Just watch us ;)

Posted By: f!ck yea
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#1  by: lmfaoo    

why does this sound like the intro to Avatar the Last Airbender lmfao

By: lmfaoo
by: hahaAug 9, 2020 11:55:03 AM

more like the music video Darude - Next To You ;P

By: haha

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