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GR is so fun cause I can come on here and stir things up and go untouched while you guys argue about houses! I can’t believe that you guys haven’t figured out yet that this site is a troll’s paradise and every post is a joke! Thanks for giving me hours of entertainment!

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#1  by: Yeah   

yeah I figured. there are a certain few houses/ranks people get fired up about arguing over and it’s so annoying bc they assume it’s houses self ranking but it’s really y’all trolls lmao

By: Yeah
by: TrollNov 22, 2019 6:13:24 PM

Thank you for noticing how awesome I am.

By: Troll
by: TruthNov 26, 2019 12:17:44 AM

Almost all of the praise posts are posted by people who then come back pretending to be others and whine, "I see you XYZ, you're self ranking and not all that." Obviously in various ways. It's so dumb and obvious.

By: Truth
#2  by: woo pig   

are you posting this on every sec page?

By: woo pig
by: TrollNov 25, 2019 11:47:16 PM

Yes of course

By: Troll
by: LANov 26, 2019 9:32:56 AM

It’s not just on SEC pages...it’s on college sites all over the country.

This person is an equal opportunity AZZHOLE!!!

By: LA

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