nola sororities?

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what sororities take the most girls from new orleans

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#1  by: Well.....   

Used to be DG but they apparently cut a lot of Nola girls because it was too NOLA heavy so now it is DZ

By: Well.....
#2  by: Not really   

KKG has a ton of NOLA girls.

By: Not really
#3  by: Nola   

DG, DZ, Kappa, Pi Phi

By: Nola
#4  by: betheny   

we know it is NOT chiO they love those small town girls.

By: betheny
by: uhSep 21, 2019 11:35:10 PM

hi kd, you’ve been active today

By: uh
#5  by: Nola   

Majority of the best Nola girls go Kappa or DZ and the left overs go DG

By: Nola
by: WellNov 7, 2019 3:31:10 PM

I wouldn’t necessarily call them leftovers. My roommate choose dg over one of those you just mentioned.

By: Well

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