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Best Fall 17 PC By: Fall17   Last Post:

Who had the best Fall 17 pledge class?...Read More

By: Fall17   Last Post:

Started: Dec 12, 2017 7:35:15 AM
Frats on the up/down? By: freshman   Last Post:

which frats on campus r on the rise and which...Read More

By: freshman   Last Post:

Started: Dec 9, 2017 9:46:26 AM
CAN WE TALK ABOUT DKE By: haaaaa   Last Post:

kicked off for 3 years byeee *****...Read More

By: haaaaa   Last Post:

Started: Dec 14, 2017 8:34:27 AM
Sororities By: vv   Last Post:

Can someone tell me which sororities people like most or...Read More

By: vv   Last Post:

Started: Dec 8, 2017 12:03:46 AM
Spring Rush By: X   Last Post:

Thought on Fiji?...Read More

By: X   Last Post:

Started: Dec 11, 2017 11:04:31 AM
am I in trouble? By: girly   Last Post:

How do I know if I am on the blacklist?...Read More

By: girly   Last Post:

Started: Dec 14, 2017 12:56:01 AM
Top off campus houses By: Ron   Last Post:

Top: Delt Middle: SAE Bottom: DKE...Read More

By: Ron   Last Post:

Started: Dec 12, 2017 7:58:27 PM
question By: bottom   Last Post:

is theta chi bottom tier??????...Read More

By: bottom   Last Post:

Started: Oct 2, 2017 11:03:00 AM
DELTA GAMMA, TRI DELT, OR KKG?? What’s the stereoty By: cusebetch   Last Post:

What’s the stereotypical girl for each house. Please...Read More

By: cusebetch   Last Post:

Started: Nov 27, 2017 3:46:39 AM
For PNMs: If celeberties rushed top houses here By: Fun   Last Post:

Taylor Swift- DG Jenner Aniston- DG Scott Disik- DKE Dave Franco- DKE Kim Kardashian-...Read More

By: Fun   Last Post:

Started: Nov 9, 2017 10:33:18 AM
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