greek life?

by: FutureSDSMT

I came across this site following the internet rabbit hole, while checking out activities at SDSMT. I was surprised to find out that there was any Greek life at all, since its a small school, but that's pretty cool.

With one sorority, is it hard to get in? Do you need recommendations and all of that? My sister is the first Greek in our family, and she is at MIzzou, which has a huge Greek life and this complicated recruitment. I'm hoping it isn't quite that crazy here?

Do they still have date parties and all of that stuff? I'm assuming the sisterhood is good, since there are so few girls compared to guys at the school that they have to stick together.

I will probably be graduating from the school before anyone actually sees this, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks!

Posted By: FutureSDSMT
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#1  by: SDSMTLambda   

There are actually 2 sororities here on campus and 5 fraternities. The 2 sororities being Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Omega Epsilon. And one of fraternities is actually a co-ed that being Alpha Chi Epsilon.

And to answer the question about getting into sororities as far as I know as a guy. It isn't extremely difficult to get into a sorority. You could try contacting them and seeing what they have to say.

You can also go to sdsmt website and look for the page that has links to all the greek houses.

By: SDSMTLambda
#2  by: I went here in the 90s   

There are actually 2 sororities, like the guy above me said. I was given a bid by both sororities and I just showed up to their events. It’s not hard I promise. I know you posted this years ago, but to anyone looking at this in the future, don’t worry about getting into a sorority.

By: I went here in the 90s

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