Post removed about dirty rushing

by: Accountability

The post about Alpha Phi and possibly other houses dirty rushing and bid promising have been removed. Did Panhell do anything to the houses caught doing this or, is it business as usual and nothing will happen?

Posted By: Accountability
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#1  by: Same   

I guarantee they got fined $100 and nothing else will be done. Weak Panhell leadership= weak Greek system.

By: Same
#2  by: active member    

so many chapters were reported for dirty rushing this year and phc does nothing. every time a chapter was reported phc just gave them a slap on the wrist… so annoying

By: active member
by: lolSep 28, 2022 11:27:08 AM

which sororities were dirty rushing? and how’d they get caught

By: lol
by: PNMS Reported ItSep 29, 2022 3:07:16 PM

KKG and APhi dirty rushed again, for sure. Caught because PNM’s who got promised bids were later dropped and reported it. Other PNMs reported that they were told by their brothers and friends in frats (who know Actives) to drop out so the house they wanted could snap bid them or COB them.

By: PNMS Reported It
#3  by: Lol   

APhi dirty rushes every year - literally every year and then they have to snap bid half their class. Sad!

By: Lol
by: Dirty Rush ProsJan 21, 2023 4:57:53 PM

Snap bidding is all part of the Aphi plan. Tell girls to drop out before Pref night so you can snap bid them. Wake up Panhell!

By: Dirty Rush Pros

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