Sig Ep Hazing; what will OU do

by: yeet

welp. you guys lost 11 members due to hazing, and now the ifc prez also got dropped too because of it. probably shouldn't pee in new member's mouths.

Posted By: yeet
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#1  by: ???   

What the actual....

I thought Sig Ep was all about not hazing and promoting a brotherhood?

Their functions are all dry, right? Well dry until they pee in somebody's mouth...

By: ???
#2  by: Yuck   

I don’t think this is true.

By: Yuck
#3  by: ?   

this just cam't be true

By: ?
#4  by: Yeet   

Source: the sig eps are about to get kicked off.

By: Yeet
by: YeetMar 1, 2021 6:11:10 AM

Dude, half of your actives got kicked out. You can’t say “nationals suck” when you guys almost a hazed a few kids to death. Get a grip with reality. Anyways, your nationals is about to announce your 2 two year suspension, so good luck bro.

By: Yeet
by: lmaoMar 17, 2021 9:56:06 AM

Unless you are a sigep, which i’m assuming you’re not considering you’re on green rank commenting, you don’t know what happened. geeeeed

By: lmao
#5  by: sororityview   


By: sororityview
#6  by: sororityview    

bumpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppity bump

By: sororityview
#7  by: Lol   

Y’all really think sig ep is gonna get kicked off? They’re alumni base is huge, y’all already know OU doesn’t wanna lose those donations if they kick off Sig Ep

By: Lol
#8  by: uh   

any truth to this?

By: uh

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