greek life

by: SeanJordan

Dean is killing greek life, anyone who disagrees has a bad case of loser denial.

Posted By: SeanJordan
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#1  by: YESS   

this is true, he has killed many greek systems in the passed. sadly we are next.

#2  by: Hahahhahahahahhahaha   

I for one am loving the gradual demise of fraternity life here at IU. Can't wait to see every decent house kicked off campus and still claim to be "top tier"

By: Hahahhahahahahhahaha
by: haha..Mar 4, 2014 1:17:18 PM


By: haha..
#3  by: low Tia   

for every uppermid/top tier frat that goes on probo or hopefully gets kicked off that's just better pairs for us!

By: low Tia
by: lowtiersblowMar 4, 2014 10:52:33 AM

except that you're still gonna be a house full of weird losers, that's not gonna change just because better houses are getting into trouble...

You don't move up by default, and guess what buddy, if you pair too far out of your range, you're just gonna have a bunch of sorority girls come over who don't want to be there, and leave by 11:30 while a bunch of bros are desperately trying to drink enough to gain the confidence to actually talk to them... Have Fun!

By: lowtiersblow
by: it's spinningMar 4, 2014 6:07:33 PM

the circle of life

By: it's spinning
#4  by: BaB   

If you are on social probation, liveout parties are still a violation I have just learned. In fact, the IFC president has just informed that violating social probo consists of any time 5 or more brothers are in a common area. Also their jurisdiction apparently has no end as they have threatened us with more ethics board hearing if we proceed with a spring break trip or a formal. I don't think this is in anyway legal but apparently this Kim jong il wannabe dean isnt effin around.

By: BaB
by: YeahMar 7, 2014 3:53:17 PM

actually that is blatantly illegal and completely Unconstitutional. If that's true and they actually try to enforce it they'll probably have a lawsuit on their hands. Kim Jong Il indeed.

By: Yeah

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