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Which sororities will cut you if you have a 3.0? And will it matter if I get a 3.1? Or are the cuts either 3.0 or 3.2. No in between. Thanks!

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It doesn’t matter your gpa if you’re pretty, well rounded and easy to talk to or if your parents are rich. If you’re not one of these, which houses that will ask you back will heavily rely on your gpa

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Most are a 3.0 that is automatic even if they really like you. If you have above a 3.0 or a 3.0 flat then you are totally fine and will most likely not get dropped because of your gpa

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Lmao how tf do you have such a low GPA? Try hitting the books every once in a while

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Lol cuz Finite is SO hard. Try taking Calc. In fact some ppl took calc in HS as an AP course. SHOCKER! Take some real classes

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Grades don’t matter. You can have an ineligible gpa for rush......but if you know someone for example in A Phi you can get a snap bid. Or get your parents lawyer to write some appeal letter and you get to go through rush and get a bid to Pi Phi. FACTS!!!!

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This is just so incredibly untrue. Pi phi has the highest gpa req of top houses and there are hardly any snap bids that go out to anyone from any house each year let alone APhi and pi phi. Just bc you know one girl that got an informal bid to APhi w a 2.7 doesn’t mean anyone can have a lawyer get them a bid lmao you dead just made all of this up

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if you are not in good academic standing with a sorority you will not be allowed to attend social events and special events such as formal/little 5 so if that’s important to you, reconsider rushing until your gpa is better next year.

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Lay off. Everyone has had a different college experience when I rushed I had had the worst year of my life literally, I rushed with a 2.6 and surprisingly ended up in a middle tier house. Exceptions can be made and girls do understand. What’s important is that you are willing to put in the work to prove you are capable of making the chapter better

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The people on this post must all be freshman so I literally don’t even know why they responded.
From a senior who has been on recruitment team: Every house has a req for freshman 2.8-3.0 and a req for sophomores 2.8-3.2. If you have a 3.0 as a freshman you shouldn’t worry at all about being dropped based SOLELY on gpa. A 2.9 for a freshman you’ll get cut from about 6-7 houses so you’re usually still fine but with a 2.8 youre going to have pretty harsh cuts as only about 9 houses accept a 2.8 gpa. For sophomores rush is going to be scary if you have under a 3.0 period.
It is also a good mix of tiers in every gpa cut off range meaning while yes you can get into APhi or zeta with a 2.8 you’ll be dropped after first round from pi phi bc they have a 3.0 requirement. So the people above saying gpa doesn’t matter don’t know anything and are talking out of their ass.
If you have under a 2.8 and manage to get an appeal but don’t have a bff in a house dirty rushing you, you will literally get invited back to 4-5 houses for 16 party if you’re lucky. No you will not get a “snap bid” to a top house bc thats not even what a snap bid is lmao. All the top and top mid houses combined COB <10 girls each year and less than half of them had under a 2.8.
So in conclusion gpa does matter A LOT if you don’t have above a 3.0 as a fresh 3.2 as a soph. If you do meet those requirements then no gpa won’t really affect your rush at all

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And ik which ones u care about so from what I can remember (for freshman)
2.8 APhi zeta kappa
2.9 axo GPhi DZ xo
3.0 pi phi
These can change but this is what they were last year

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Again tho that being said if you have had a really rough year as long as your honest girls will understand. College is east for everyone. Yes you gpa matters so if you do have less than the house requires and you get in your going to have to work you butt of to stay in good standings

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^ there are usually a few (minor) exceptions in each pc if you don’t have friends in the house. It’s always worth it to go through and see what you end up with even if your gpa isn’t great and you can still rush. You may end up wanting to try again next year but you may end up surprised too. Ps Don’t mind the random frat boys on every post that feel the need to call any girl that will listen stupid lol half their pc was on academic probation after their first semester yet we’re dumb for getting a b- in finite lol ok buddy

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And again if you are rich and know somebody....GPA doesn't matter at all!!!!!!

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You thought what? That girls in houses can’t get their friends in their house? How would that make any sense and why would anyone join a sorority lmao. If you don’t know the answer don’t reply it’s that easy

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Trust me the girls I know did not even have friends. Just rich parents who knew peiple

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You are sad and delusional if you think that. But whatever.

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