all 3 npc sororities

by: annoyed

Don't even bother reading the individual sororities ratings because I'm going to tell you all you need to know.

ADPi: White, judgmental, christian, loves to play dirty and break the rules, best sisterhood of all 3, expensive dues, can go fine crazy, slacks on going to RMH, homewreckers.

ZTA: Diverse, a lot of cliques within the chapter (makes it hard to meet new people), can go fine crazy, competitive, guy sharers, inclusive, leadership has double standards.

AXO: Diverse, try hards, catty, ADPi and ZTA rejects, great social life, tight sisterhood, attention hogs, they think new = popular when it doesn't, opens up shop easy.

Also all 3 sororities are doing COB this semester.

Posted By: annoyed
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#1  by: Lmao   

Haha so accurate. I was in a sorority from a different school and I don’t really like either sorority. too bad they didn’t pick KD, Would of been funny to watch adpi and zeta fall.

By: Lmao
by: FfthbbjvcSep 23, 2020 2:49:44 AM

Zta didn’t have anywhere to fall to begin with

By: Ffthbbjvc
#2  by: Lmao   

How many girls signed up for recruitment

By: Lmao
by: EwSep 7, 2020 1:16:41 PM

No clue. Probably barely any.

By: Ew

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