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All 3 NPC sororities By: annoyed   Last Post:

Don't even bother reading the individual sororities ratings because I'm...Read More

By: annoyed   Last Post:

Started: Feb 23, 2020 9:40:25 PM

Alpha Gamma Rho $20,000.00 Alpha Tau Omega $16,000.00 Beta Theta Pi $12,000.00...Read More

By: GGGGG   Last Post:

Started: Jan 26, 2020 10:30:10 AM
Pledge class 19 By: Oop   Last Post:

Kinda interesting how ZTA got the better pledge class this...Read More

By: Oop   Last Post:

Started: Sep 9, 2019 9:57:22 AM
Srat descriptions? By: ???   Last Post:

Which srat has the best girls? What are each groups...Read More

By: ???   Last Post:

Started: Sep 4, 2019 11:07:34 PM
pnm By: lol @ this   Last Post:

if you’re a pnm and you’re actually using this site...Read More

By: lol @ this   Last Post:

Started: Aug 22, 2019 1:54:09 PM
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What's the difference? By: question   Last Post:

What's the difference between the sororities? What is each like?...Read More

By: question   Last Post:

Started: Aug 21, 2019 5:51:45 PM
For PNMs By: stop   Last Post:

This site is a joke. Both sororities have the ups...Read More

By: stop   Last Post:

Started: Aug 10, 2019 12:35:27 PM
Diversity By: ?   Last Post:

Adpi has little diversity and it’s honestly sad to those...Read More

By: ?   Last Post:

Started: Aug 8, 2019 6:11:42 PM
ZTA or ADPI By: ?   Last Post:

what are each of the sororities like here...Read More

By: ?   Last Post:

Started: Mar 2, 2019 12:09:32 PM
New sorority By: ??   Last Post:

Anyone know the new sorority coming in 2019? ...Read More

By: ??   Last Post:

Started: Dec 11, 2018 12:55:34 AM
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