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How big is Greek Life at CSUEB? Im thinking about joining but I've heard that this is such a big commuter school that Greek Life is basically non existent. I would love any info! Thanks!

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By: transfer
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Greek Life has shown a steady increase over the last 5 years.

I highly recomend the only fraternity of brothers worth mentioning:

Zeta Omega Fraternity

I knew 0 people going into CSUEB as a freshman.

I didnt think I would rush a fraternity. Once I met a few brothers of Zeta Omega, I knew they were a good fit for me.

I rushed and joined the best Fraternity on Campus.

If you just want to say your in a "Frat", join the other orgs that hand out bids to anyone on a sign up sheet and make them "bro's" after 2 weeks.

If you want to say you belong to a "Fraternity of Brothers", look to Zeta Omega.

CSUEB is slept on in general. Best 4 years of my life there.

-Graduated in 4 years
-College Athlete (Men's Soccer)
-Brother of the Zeta Omega Fraternity

By: Zeta Omega>
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There are several fraternities on campus at Cal State East Bay. Without a doubt, seeing the message that Zeta Omega wrote on this thread is sadly disappointing. Everyone in the Greek Community at East Bay has been nothing but supportive to each other. Each organization has developed many of their members into leaders throughout the campus. Several of their members belong to other organizations, like ASI for example. You see several brothers TKE and Delta Chi and even sisters of Alpha Phi on the ASI board. Every organization builds leaders for the future.

By: Greek Life

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