only one fraternity???

by: Question?

Why is there only one fraternity at BC, while there are about 9-10 sororites? We need to get some more frats on campus. I would love to see some of the fraternites at BU like Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, LXA, ZBT start up at BC.

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#1  by: FYI   

It is the policy of most Catholic colleges and universities not to recognize fraternities or sororities. That one frat you speak of isn't even affiliated with the school. BC does not recognize Greek life organizations and has no plans to change its policy. So I don't know where you got the info that there are sororities on campus.

#2  by: What a shame    

That BC does not have a thriving Greek life. I am a southern girl from the Sec Where Greek life is the best in the country, I am BV on a film Scholarship otherwise I would go else where. I had no idea how lame it was.

By: What a shame

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