Sorority Chapter Values

by: pan love

we are more alike than we are different. we all have similar values.

Sorority Chapter Values

KD - friendship & loyalty, personal integrity, lifelong learning, and selfless service

ZTA- friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity and community

ADPI - scholarship, leadership, service to others, and sisterhood

TRIDELT - truth, self-sacrifice and friendship

PIPHI - integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, philanthropic service to others, personal and intellectual growth, and sincere friendship

THETA - intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, commitment to service, and personal excellence

CHIO - friendship, community & campus involvement, career & personal development, service to others, personal integrity, academic excellence & intellectual pursuits

AXID - sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service to our communities

AEPHI - enriched by sisterhood and unconditional friendships, dedicated to selfless service and inspiring others, and committed to intellectual growth and personal development

KAPPA - friendship, leadership, and scholarship

DZ - friendshsip, curiosity, generosity, citizenship, empowerment, and belonging

GPHI - love, labor, learning and loyalty

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#1  by: Yup   

Good reminder

By: Yup
#2  by: agree   

we can be competitive and still be cool with each other

By: agree

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