by: YJ4L

Phi- pageant girls, always have been top tier, but kind of forgettable, they are either involved or they fade into the background
DZ- cheerleaders, spiteful, tan too much, have a difficult time keeping their pledges

Gams- The girls that were your friends in high school, chapter is very close, very involved, question some of the girls they take since they have been known to be selective

Zeta- Very mean to their pledges, they would be like the Gams but are the more awkward girls next door, involved, diverse
Phi Mu - oh my. They like each other, not back stabbers, but they lose a lot of members, diverse

Posted By: YJ4L
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#1  by: Stinger   

I mostly agree with this, but I feel like involvement is the hardest thing to judge. With most chapters around 70 members (or above in APHIs case), it's almost impossible to see what every member does. There's tons of a phi mus in marching band, but if you don't see the marching band, you don't know that. There's DZs in the con and gams in SEA and phis that are athletes and ZTAs in the honors program, but if you don't see them you don't know that! I don't think any organization is uninvolved, I just think there's pockets of people everyone always sees because they're more extroverted than others

By: Stinger
#2  by: Buzz   

I agree with most of what was said, but I feel like as of late the DZ's have been slipping in the past couple of years, and the AGDs are starting to get better. The APHIs are still pretty solid.

By: Buzz
#3  by: Re Zeta   

Don't know what is up with this chapter. There used to be a big difference between Zeta and Phi Mu and a thin line between Zeta and Gams. Now, there is a huge difference between Gam and Zeta and a fine line between Zeta and Phi Mu.
I agree they are mean to their pledges. Some of the girls are really nice but some are just strange.

By: Re Zeta

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