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by: yj4l

What's the sorority ranking at BW? I'm a perspective student hoping to get into greek life

Posted By: yj4l
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#1  by: YellowJacket16   

1. APhi
2. AGD/DZ (they're different but pretty equal to me in terms of rank on campus)
4. ZTA
5. Phi Mu (even though they're much nicer to be around than ZTA, they don't have a huge campus presence and don't spend a lot of time with the fraternities)

By: YellowJacket16
#2  by: Honest   

I'd say

Aphi ZTA Gam DZ Phi Mu- each of these groups are very different and have a lot to bring to the table. Aphi is the popular in high school, fun girls, ZTA is the sweet smart girls, gams are the bold encouraging girls, DZ is the cheerleader Lilly Pulitzer girls, and phi mu is the honest, not afraid to be themselves girls. There is no hierarchy because we are not in high school anymore. Join a chapter that aligns most with your values and you can see yourself fitting into well. Also, pay no attention to the comments on these sorority pages. they are comments meant to tear other women down in order to make themselves feel better. Most of us in the FSL community aren't like that - but some ruin it for the rest.

By: Honest
#3  by: urgurl   

as of 2019:

1. Alpha Phi
2. Alpha Gamma Delta
3. Delta Zeta
4. Zeta Tau Alpha
5. Phi Mu

By: urgurl

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