how is agr here?

by: giddy up

Coming to U of A in the fall. My dad was an AGR and is pushing me to rush them but seems like they don't exist on this site and aren't ranked. How are they?

Posted By: giddy up
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#1  by: Helo   

Smallest house member wise so up to you

By: Helo
#2  by: Donny   

Small house not on row. Not really considered a “normal” fraternity because they are a unique frat made specifically for agriculture people. For this reason among others certain girls don’t really consider going here ever. Most of the girls in good sororities don’t go here. Parties still might be fun but I heard it is most geed girls and randoms. Still join if you like the people but it’s a much different experience from a fraternity like sig ep or zbt

By: Donny
#3  by: #3   

If you looking to join a agricultural frat, I know a couple of my friends have talked about having other friends in the “Aggie house” so I might look into that as well, if I was you

By: #3

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