social life at princeton?

by: PNM

Hey, y'all! I am an incoming freshman from Texas, so the southern girl in me is really excited to one day rush a sorority. However, I recognize that greek life at Princeton might not be at the same level as UT or A&M. I was wondering how one might have a fruitful college experience and social life at a school of this caliber. I would love to hear about the dichotomy of greek life and eating clubs and maybe any sports teams that have a social following. Thank you so much for your time, ROLL TIEGS!!

Posted By: PNM
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#1  by: Hey hey   

Hey girl, Greek life at Pton is for sophomores+ only so you can rush next yr! Only abt 10% of students are in it anyways and there aren’t houses

By: Hey hey
#2  by: yes    

you seem smart and social so I suggest looking more into eating clubs. Cottage and Cannon might be more your speed if you’re coming from Texas and want to have a large social presence

By: yes

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