i want to be a sweet sister

by: Want to be a good sister


I am planning on rushing as soon as possible and consider myself to be a sweet sister who likes doing kind things for other people, especially delightful surprises like writing anonymous compliments for each sister whenever she is sad in order to lift her mood and make her feel loved. Which sisterhoods would appreciate this and which would take advantage of it? I want a sisterhood where the girls would be nice back to me and not take advantage of me.

Thanks for any advice.

Posted By: Want to be a good sister
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#1  by: Please be nice   

Kappa kappa gamma would be a great fit for you.

By: Please be nice
#2  by: East Coast   

^^^ This SAME MESSAGE is on literally dozens of college discussion boards. I’d guess the GR Staff drumming up business.

By: East Coast
#3  by: okuh   

Weird phrasing but kappa is the nicest sorority!

By: okuh

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