acc guys rushing next fall

by: Not top 6% high school

Which frats at UT take ACC guys? I know Fiji & Rho do, but I wondered if any others do.

Posted By: Not top 6% high school
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#1  by: Rush   

Most, if not all, will have at least a few. Rho is primarily acc

By: Rush
by: Rumor?Nov 22, 2019 6:05:18 AM

I heard nationals was cracking down on letting the Texas chapters take ACC. Fiji and Rho seem to be the only chapters that love giving bids to community college guys.

By: Rumor?
#2  by: Really?   

I don’t think that is right. For most frats it violates their national rules, so they don’t do it. I thought just Fiji and Rho took ACC.

By: Really?
by: AhhaNov 20, 2019 1:07:12 AM

Almost all will

By: Ahha
by: UTNov 23, 2019 9:14:08 PM

For all it violates their national’s rules and the university’s rules... They just do it on the down low... They are never officially part of the fraternity unless they actually get into UT. This doesn’t apply to RHO of course because they have no national or university ties.

By: UT
#3  by: Info?   

Does anyone know if Sig Ep takes ACC? If they do, how many in Fall ‘19 pledge class?

By: Info?
by: Sig epNov 23, 2019 7:19:49 PM

11 acc in pc 19 sig ep

By: Sig ep
by: Why?Dec 5, 2019 7:45:30 AM

If Sig Ep, Rho and Fiji are so great, why do they pledge so many Austin community college kids?

By: Why?
#4  by: solution   

Get into the school first then rush

By: solution
#5  by: Only   

You should know that. If your high school is one of the wealthy, good schools in the state where getting into UT is ridiculously hard, the social kids pledge certain fraternities. Ask them. If you do not know anyone to ask you aren’t getting into one of the top ones either from UT or ACC. If you are Highland Park, Memorial, Alamo Heights, etc you might be able to get into one even if going to ACC. If you are from a suburb then no, you are not getting into a fraternity from ACC. Too many like you who actually got into UT. Sorry.

By: Only
#6  by: UT student   

I’m a girl and HATE going to parties and meeting community college guys👎🏻 Why do you guys do it. I never hear about this at my friends’ schools... Biggest drawback about UT Greek system:(

By: UT student
#7  by: Sick   

Just no... This is suppose to be a system for UT students. Sororities don’t do it for a reason... Get on board guys

By: Sick

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