what's up with aephi? not talked about on gr

by: hooked

What's the deal with them/are they well liked? Who do they hang with?

Posted By: hooked
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#1  by: sheckjesus   

they seem like really chill dope girls. It looks like a lot of them smoke and like to have a good time. Lowkey hot very underrated. All the new frats they hangout with look like they love them. Had a mixer with them last month it was lit

By: sheckjesus
#2  by: albanysource   

have a horrific reputation at UAlbany in NY as vicious snitches, ratting on every other fraternity and sorority, beware

By: albanysource
by: Who are uNov 16, 2019 8:34:59 PM

Well we’re at Texas...

By: Who are u
by: Anonymous Nov 18, 2019 4:01:16 PM

Well then! Just because they're bad in NY...they must be bad everywhere. Got it!

By: Anonymous
by: UTNov 23, 2019 9:23:00 PM

Luckily, we’re talking about UT chapter on here... Why are you bringing up some school from NY...freak troll

By: UT
#3  by: texan   

Honestly they're different than other sororitys so they're not really brought up. Hang with ZBT and Sammy a lot, usually chill with SigChi, KSig, and PhiPsi. Never met anyone who has a problem w them

By: texan
#4  by: Yids   

Schtetl life lol

By: Yids

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