top frats are here at ut

by: Grateful

Lowkey, the top frats here at Ut are prolly the best out of any chapter in the entire Country, especially Figi and ZBT! Name one school that has better top tier frats than what we offer here at UT! HOOK EM ALWAYS

Posted By: Grateful
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#1  by: Ole miss and Bama   


By: Ole miss and Bama
#2  by: Weird   

Posted by some weird Phi Psi or delt y’all weird af

By: Weird
#3  by: W   

UT Sig Ep is nothing like Sig Ep nationally

By: W
#4  by: —-   

Probably posted by a wierd KA dude

By: —-
#5  by: More likely   

Since Fiji is misspelled & ZBT is the only other frat mentioned, a ZBT clearly wrote this post as a love note to all his frat brothers.

By: More likely
by: AhhaNov 20, 2019 1:06:25 AM

I think zbt would know how to spell fiji, considering half their biggest parties are with them lol. This obv a troll

By: Ahha
#6  by: Lmao   

M8, stop talking. Literally no one cares

By: Lmao
#7  by: Yah   

Indiana zbt>Ut zbt

By: Yah
#8  by: Girl   

ZBT is fun but they’re always on here self-promoting!

By: Girl

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